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  • I have several health problems, & haven't slept through the night in 3 years. I came in for a full body massage & that night I actually slept through the night! I am definitely a believer in the health benefits of massage! I will be back! Brenda S.
  • Nothing else to say, I've been coming here for years, you are QUITE a gem! Thanks again! Angela W.
  • My wife made me an appointment after my shoulder had been hurting for 2 weeks, she said "April can make it better". I walked out with very little pain, & by the time I went to bed it didn't hurt at all! She's my new Doctor! lol! Jeff K.
  • My aunt told me your spa did work on TMJ, my pain was getting so bad that not only did I get regular headaches but then it hurt a lot to open my jaw. My first visit you made me feel comfortable and told me step by step how you were going to treat it. By the end of my session I could open my mouth twice as much, then it was even better with my next visit not to mention my headaches were gone, I know this is what I need! Thanks so much! Alyssa S.
  • I received a gift certificate for your spa from my daughter. I travel a lot and enjoy getting massages. I have to say my massage with you was one of the best I have ever had, and I have had them all over the world! Very professional & I felt like I was on the beach at a resort! Two thumbs up to you, and I will tell all my friends about you. Candice T.
  • I had my very first facial today!! It was fantastic! I'm addicted! Karen B.
  • Thank you so much for fitting me last minute for the spa package I received from you over the weekend. I generally stay in Coldwater about once a month or so for work. I love massages & have been to a few places around that area but Meridians Spa was by far the best I've been to. You really know how to treat your clients & make them feel relaxed! I was very impressed with your knowledge & all your services! Thank you. Tammie D.
  • My feet were in bad shape having little time to take care of them with 3 children 5 years old and younger. My pedi-delight was very relaxing and restorative:-) Carl M.  
  • I've been a satisfied customer for a long time & I have to say April IS the best! If you like massages then you'll LOVE hers! Deb D.
  • After calling around to places in Coldwater all morning Meridians Spa was the only one that answered the phone & was open! After hearing the reasonable rates I gave them a try, WOW! I pay twice those prices in Chicago & still don't get the outstanding massage that I got there! I definitely recommend this place! Randy T.
  • Thank you for getting me in today, that massage was exactly what I needed, very relaxing!! I'll definitely put the word out about your business & be back for sure, thanks again! Don B.
  • All I can say is Thank you for all your help! I went to the chiropractor and they had me in there twice a week for over a 2 months for my shoulder pain. Then I seen your ad and came in, the first time you had most of the pain gone, then the second visit it's GONE! I was a massage skeptic but now i'm a believer and a client for life. Jim R.
  • My husband & I had the Couples Massage and it was wonderful! We will definitely be coming back. I think my husband is sold on massages now, thank you girls! Tracy H.
  • I have to say I tried everything from pain pills to chiropractors to help my sciatica problem, the next step was surgery. I was told by a friend to give massage a try. So glad I did! 2 visits and my year long pain was completely gone! I wish I would have tried it sooner, thank you. Ellen B.
  • My husband and I do a lot of traveling and have been pretty much everywhere in and out of the country, but I was very impressed by the massages I receive from you, better than any resort or cruise I've been on and way less expensive! I tell everyone about you guys! Meridians Spa is our Go-To-Place for MASSAGES! Pamela T.
  • Thanks again for helping with my sciatica pain, I finally can walk and sit without pain, I had no idea massage could fix that! Lori M.
  • I'm so glad my wife got me a gift certificate to your place, the massage was awesome, I'm telling everyone about how good it was, & I'll be back, thank you. Frank R.
  • I just wanted you to know that your massage was the best I ever had, and I've had massages all my life, wish I lived closer, but if i'm in the area again you can bet I'll give you a call! Todd W.
  • My husband & I have been going to Meridians Spa for about 5 yrs now, the massage are great, April does a wonderful job. Chris & Mike L.
  • I got my shoulder worked on last week, you knew exactly what to do to help the shooting pain and numb fingers I had, I was a little sore after but it went away and i'm much better now, AND no more pain pills! Audrey S.
  • I had my first ever massage there a few weeks ago, it was really great! wish I started getting them a long time ago. Tammy R.
  • When I made my appointment and you said you were booked out, but after getting my massage package done I can see why, your the best around April! Ronald T.
  • I've had this terrible elbow pain for several months, been to the doctor but they never helped it just gave me pain meds, been to you twice now and you worked on it and the pain is gone, your a miracle worker! Chad E.
  • I've been going to April for years now, been to a few others in the area here and there, but they are no comparison, your massages ROCK! Kristine N.
  • The waiting list might be long but to get in but it's worth the wait, she's really good at her job. Alesia H.
  • I was given a gift certificate for Christmas, and put off making my appointment, but then had a rough few months with a family member with cancer that just passed away, I was feeling drained and needed one, boy you really helped me feel better, i'm so glad I got a gift certificate, you did an amazing job! Bonnie P.
  • All I can say is you have to get a massage here, the best around. Michael D.
  • The lady I use to go to moved so looked around and found your place, so glad I did, the massages are wonderful! Ruthann G.
  • I have been seeing April at Meridians Spa for about 3 years now, specifically for my TMJ. After two years of getting massages just when I was in extreme pain, I decided to be more faithful and consistent to better my health. Now I get a 60 minute massage once a month. April does pressure points for me, which gets my muscles loosened to start working normal again. I've been to other massage therapists, and they are just not the same!! April knows what she's doing, is very knowledgeable, and wants what's best for you! She's very personable too! Jennifer P.
  • April is one of the best. She really knows how to work through those sore/tight muscles. I highly recommend her to anyone. Her massage room is a very relaxing environment. Eileen L.
  • The BEST massage I've ever had! Heather P.
  • It's the best place to receive a message! Corena W.
  • I've been using Meridian for some time. April's work is a most important key in my pain control! Thank you April so much. Joe J.
  • You were hard to get into but well worth the wait! Thank you! Terry S.
  • I was told I needed surgery for my sciatica, but your treatment work fixed it in 2 visits, your amazing. Bob C.
  • Now I know why your so busy, I tried a couple others in the area first while waiting for my appointment with you, then when I finally got my massage with you I could tell the difference, your the best around! Patrick M.
  • I got a gift certifiicate, never had a massage until now, i'm hooked! Cathy S.
  • A girl at work seen you posted an opening on FB, so glad I got in, the massage was wonderful, highly recomend. Gail S.
  • Morgan was very patient with my 5 and 6 year old today. We had a great mommy and daughters morning getting pedicures. Brittany W.
  • Morgan Underwood was awesome and I highly recommend their services! Megan D.
  • This is a top shelve service organization. David G.

  • Oh my GOSH!!!! The very best feeling. April is heaven with magic hands. Thank you so much. Tarina M.

  • I feel so much better thank you April. Great massage! Muffin G.

  • April always works her magic and is always very polite, gentle and professional. Last Friday, I had a facial done by Megan, she’s absolutely amazing!! Very polite, gentle, professional and informational regarding skin care products!! Absolutely ❤️ Meridians Spa! Brianna K.

  • The esthetician was extremely professional and knowledgeable, my skin looks and feels Amazing! Mable H.

  • These girls are the best of the best! You won't be disappointed! Kala H.

  • Our mother daughter pedicure was awesome,  we will be back! Lisa G.

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